Just because something isn’t happening for you right now, doesn’t mean that it will never happen.

I am eagerly waiting for several breakthroughs. It is tough when each day goes by and you don’t see any changes. The tendency to give up slowly takes over your mind. But there is a bit of hope telling you to hold on a little bit longer. How long will this last? It is even harder when you look around and so many people have received their breakthrough. You wonder if God has forgotten about you.

You can’t compare yourself to someone else because you don’t know the full story.  You don’t know how long that person had to wait or the pain and suffering that person had to endure.  It is easy to look at the end result, but what about the process? The process that you are currently going through. A process that yields patience, endurance, and suffering. How long will this last?

I went through a similar process a few years back. Everyone around me was being blessed. I was wondering when my turn will come. I had to wait close to a year to receive it. It wasn’t easy. However when I looked back, I realized that everything happened at the right time.  If I had received my blessing earlier, I wouldn’t have received the result that I wanted.

Untitled design (3)The question is how long are you willingly to wait for your breakthrough?  Remember just because it isn’t happening now doesn’t

mean it won’t. Your breakthrough will come at the right time. I challenge you to wait it out.